Hello world!

I’m about to cross one more thing in my bucket list. Have my own blog ;).

Today is the day free of boss. My mind is as free as clouds, feeling loving life so much. I hate myself for being so gloomy over the last month. It’s a pity that I can’t log in my blog when I’m at work. Bummer! Haha. When I got home, I will write more 😉

Well, got home at 10. Can say it’s quite a productive day. My class went very well today but still was not that good as I expected. It was just the second day with them, hopefully they won’t be shy for the following classes. Got home, both mom and dad waited for me and sat there with me just to see if I finish my dinner :(. The love they gave for me just too too much for me to pay them back….

I also came back to Flickr after a long time ignoring it. Clean it, update it, will see, it will be full of photos ^_^.

3rd day of April, full of happiness, I hope I will still be like this as time goes by.



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