The Book Thief

Well, I love this book just too much. Lots of people nowadays, including me, live and take things for granted, lots of things. I adore the love Rudy gave for Liesel, but at the end, its not the ending that I expected :(. It was a pure a love of that little boy for that little girl. Second charater that I adore is Rosa or Mama. Your first impression for her is a quick-tempered person, who “loves” to swear, curse whenever she can. But inside that “hard-to-get-close” appearance is the tendering love for both her husband Hans-papa, Liesel the foster child and Max the Jew that all the Germans hated. She took care of the whole family… For me, that love is admirable and kindly please the readers. The third character is Hans or papa, I love him from the very first moment, he is such a gentleman, he was born with such a kind heart, war is not for him, ignoring the miserable is not for him,etc. He, the man who made people feel warm. Max, I choose to mention at last is because he got Liesel at the end :(. I know he has to go through quite a hard time, endures a life in the basement, even for the look of outside word is so expensive for him. One day when the bomb raid came, everyone left for the shelter, he still stayed in the basement, risked to go up stair, just to steal a glimpse at the night sky, he said : ” The stars are so bright that they burn my eyes”.

I guess thats enough for my silly thoughts about the book, I just want to save the parts in the story that I am so fancy of. Here we go

[p377] “I…” He struggled to answer. “When everything was quiet, I went up to the corridor and the curtain in the living room was open just a crack…I could see outside. I watched, only for a few seconds.” He had not seen the outside world for twenty-two months.

There was no anger or reproach.

It was papa who spoke. ” How did it look?”

Max lifted his head, with great sorrow and great astonishment.” There were stars,” He said ” They burned my eyes”.

…Liesel stayed with him till morning, reading A song in the Dark as he sketched and wrote in his book.

From a Himmel Street window, he wrote, the stars set fire to my eyes.




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