Fairy tale sucks

You know what sucks? Realizing that everything you believe in, is complete and utter bullshit…

Destiny, soul mates,true love and all that childhood fairy tales,… nonsense.

That film tonight just clicked with what I am thinking right now.

I used to dream for something simple and perfect, just one love, just one soul mate. For the sake of being a Cancer, you will find it so hard to erase all your memories in the past. If you happen have a feeling for someone, it’s fucking hard to forget that one when there’s a chance for a new one.

Loyalty sometimes sucks, why don’t you just make it simple, love what you have, accept what ever comes to you.

Why is it you are always afraid of not able to find “the one”, the one who understands every detail of you, takes care of you, thinks of you and only you all the time. Fuck that, there’s no such thing in life. No matter how much care you gave for that one, you can never have what you dreamed for.

Should I just take whatever comes and not looking for the right one.

Honestly, you let me fall so deep, just freaking deep that I never want to give you another chance. Maybe lets just call it a stop for that crush wont you?. Be brave, keep moving, you wish list is still long. Go out there and do something good.

Be a big girl!

Love you, love your family, love the ones who “honestly” care for you. That is the life you should live. Stop living in fantasy honey!



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