Well, it has been a long time since my last post, so many  are the times that I tended to write something but then somehow, couldn’t put anything into words.

This entry will be for my mom. Well, I’m listening Mama of Il Divo and putting these lines, remembering last time when I was in Oz, I did cry a lot when hearing this beautiful song.

These days of the weeks, I’m getting home very late  after days and days of teaching, Mom is always sitting there, waiting for me, I don’t know, but mom’s love for me is infinity. I’m not sure if I could be that good when becoming a Mom.

Sometimes I feel like I’m such a bad girl that I haven’t paid back enough the love and care that Mom has given me…

Reading Murakami these days just trained me a more disciplined person and that I should be more responsible with my life.

I know that life is too short to complain about anything so cheers up!

A night with mixed feelings but somehow I know that is a good change, I’m not that miserable anymore!

Thanks mom a lot for all the things you have done for me, I’m deeply grateful to be your daughter…


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