The Kite Runner

This is the review from my 30 books reading challenge, it is quite long so I think it’s better to put it in here.

The kite runner, one the best books I have read so far, there are tons of things that you can learn from it. Just like The book thief, this story is not so hard to read, but somehow, it got some magical power that always attract your attention.  It taught you stories, lessons in life and then reflection on yourself. In short, if you long to be a decent person, this book is just for you. My feeling went up and down with the story teller, from hating him then to understanding and then loving him. I was full of emotion with some lines  of the story, some are stunning, some are soft but the way he expressed it, just beautifully written. This gonna be a long review, bear with me🙂.

“People say that eyes are windows to the soul. Never was that more true than with Ali, who could only reveal himself through his eyes” (p19)

“Hassan and I fed from the same breasts. We took our first steps on the same lawn in the same yard. And, under the same roof, we spoke our first words. Mine was Baba. His was Amir. My name. Looking back on it now, I think the foundation for what happened in the winter  of 1975 – and all that followed- was already laid the those first words.”(p22). The sacred meaning of brotherhood is something very hard to explain, it is pure and precious.

“When you kill a man, you steal a life”, Baba said. “You steal his wife’s right to a husband, rob his children of a father. When you tell a lie, you steal someone’s right to the truth. When you cheat, you steal the right to fairness. Do you see?” (p29). Sometimes, in this life, it’s better to use whatever belongs to you, being greedy is not going to give us peace whatsoever. Again, these simple-sound-life-lesson seems so easy to be ignored, but to get and to apply the true meaning of it, it takes time, maybe even a life time🙂.

Rahim Khan laughed. “Children aren’t coloring books. You don’t get to fill them with your favorite colors.” (p32). People nowadays tend to live in a molded life when there’s a norm, an old path and they just need to follow or even forcing their kids to do the same. It should not be the way how humans evolve. Kids should be raised to do whatever they want, as long as it still stay in the bounder of morality. The more creative and the more curious they have in life, the easier for them in their future.

“A boy who won’t stand up for himself becomes a man who can’t stand up to anything”. (p33). I was struck and impressed when getting to this line, it is truly and deeply powerful sentence that lingers on my head through the whole story. There will be some moment in life when you feel so intimidating with things hindering your way, you step back and dont got enough gut to fight back. That life is worthless and meaningless. Parents gave birth to us, but they can’t be there with us forever, we need to learn, how to stand on our own feet and be strong in all situations.

“But I wonder,” he added. “Would you ever ask me to do such a thing, Amir agha?” And, just like that, he had thrown at me his own little test. If I was going to toy with him and challenge his loyalty then he’d toy with me, test my integrity. (p65). That’s the way how it goes in life, sometimes, just by living with sincere honesty, you can change the way  people treat you, look at you and then finally, respect you. A strong belief and trust in other is a key to hang on this life, it gives us hope to keep going, to keep living and to keep loving others. Try to wipe all the suspicion away then we will find this life is so beautiful to live in🙂.

“Still, I had been mean to Hassan. I almost apologized, then didn’t. Hassan understood I was just nervous. Hassan always understood about me.” Till this point, I pay a huge respect for little Hassan.With sincere love for others, we can just forgive other mistakes. Humans sometimes are mean to each other, and try to make other’s lives more miserable, that is how they enjoy it. But then we are the ones who need to choose a way to deal with such situation. If we are calm and deal it with tender love, hatred will turn to love and understanding.

“Then Hassan did pick up a pomegranate. He walked toward me. He opened it and crushed it against his own forehead.”There”, he croaked, red dripping down his face like blood.”Are you satisfied? Do you feel better?”. He turned around and started down the hill. The feeling when you are betrayed by the ones you love the most was the worst feeling ever. It hurts like thousands of bullets into your heart and your soul. It hurts you to the point that you just want to walk away and say nothing, do nothing to them. It’s just so tired and painful to do anything in return. And that kind of action, somehow will make the other realize what have they done wrong.

“Hassan knew. He knew I’d seen everything in that alley, that I’d stood there and done nothing. He knew I had betrayed him and yet he was rescuing me once again, maybe for the last time. I loved him in that moment, loved him more that I’d loved anyone, and I wanted to tell them all that I was a snake in the grass, the monster in the lake. I wasn’t worthy of this sacrifice. I was a liar, a cheat, and a thief…”(p116). Those moments are very common in our life, those are when you know the truth, but again, you are just not brave enough to raise up your voice, to stand for the basic thing in life, justice.

There are maybe many more beautifully written paragraphs in this story, love of Amir and Soraya, how they understand and treasure each other, wise words from Rahim Khan, brave Baba, and the how Amir’s thinking growing up from a coward to a courageous man like his father. All of these were weaved elegantly into every little detail of this story. Once you hold it, it’s hard to put it down.


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