2 more weeks

Sitting here, in the library, from 10am and maybe to 11pm, typing this, telling my own self, “baby, just 2 more weeks, then all the pain shall go…”

People normally say, when it rains, it pours.

From Jan till now, I had gone through all the up and down of my emotions: studies, assignments, exams, relationship and friendship struggling, plus the so called “weather depression” in this all-the-time-cold-land.

There were some points I had thought that I may break into pieces and unable to get through all these shits. But you never know how strong and capable you are until you go through it. Each by each, I take them down, put them on the table and deal with each.

It was harsh, it was not easy but somehow I realized I have got more courage and more confidence in dealing with humans. I’m not hiding anymore. Speaking up what I think, Acting the way I think is correct.  I try to ignore, to forgive and to forget. People may say, this is a good start and what you need to do after forgiving is loving them back. This, I need more time, give me just a bit more time, I may deal with it better. Sooner or later.

All I need is now is a better and more positive mind, plus more energy for this exams wave. I nearly get there, the ending is very close, there’s no thing can stop me now, just please make me feel strong, healthy and full of energy, that’s all I ask.

Still, this silly one, is missing Saigon so badly.

Home, I will be with you real soon.

Cố lên nào cô gái :).

Viết nhảm cho một tối một mình với ánh đèn thư viện và sự buồn ngủ rệu rã rời


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